The Best Type of Lock to Put on a Bedroom Door

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Bedroom door locks serve a variety of purposes and choices exist in the marketplace that should fit your needs. Whether looking for your basic door lock or searching for something a bit more secure, an understanding of the options available for each purpose can help guide you toward the right decision for you and your family.


Bedroom door locks should, at minimum, ensure privacy when necessary. The most common type of bedroom door lock for those looking mainly for privacy is the simple push-button lock. These locks can be locked from the inside by the simple push of the button on the knob. However, these locks don't provide a high level of security. Most of these can be picked by inserting a piece of wire or bobby pin in the hole on the outer knob of the door.


If security is your main concern, a lock built specifically for that purpose is needed. Consider installing a keyed lock with a deadbolt or putting additional security measures in place. For instance, adding a surface bolt can offer security from the inside of the bedroom. Surface bolts have a latch that slides from the door to a receptacle installed on the door frame. Another option is adding a security chain, much like the ones commonly found in hotel rooms.


While security represents an additional layer of protection should intruders enter your home, other things should be taken into consideration before installing a security-based lock on your bedroom door. For instance, sliding and chain locks should not be installed in your child's bedroom. Make sure to place these additional security options in other bedrooms at the top of the door to keep small children from using them.


Special security situations, such as dealing with a stalker or past security issues, deserve special attention. Some people choose to create a safe room in their house as an additional level of protection. The bedroom offers the possibility of being transformed into a safe room should it be necessary. In these cases, key-less door locks offer security beyond the traditional key or deadbolt locks. Keep in mind that locks only work if the frame of the door is fortified and the door cannot be easily kicked in or penetrated.


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