Is it Safe to Burn Candles in a Fireplace?

While it's safe to burn candles in your fireplace, you must take precautions to prevent a house fire. The number one rule for fire safety is to never light a candle and then leave it unattended.

Children And Pets

Don't burn candles in the fireplace if you have pets or young children. Toddlers, dogs or cats will be less intimidated by the small flames and are more likely to investigate them.


If you have a glass door or shield for the front of the fireplace, keep it closed as the candles burn in case a chimney draft fans the flames.


Clear the fireplace floor of any debris, such as newspapers that were used to start a fire. Have a professional regularly clean your chimney to prevent chimney fires.


Even if you are burning pillar or votive candles, sit them on a candle holder or a candelabra to keep them from toppling over while they are lit.


Trim the wicks on the candles so the flames don't get out of hand. If the flames become very elongated and yellow, the wicks need trimming.