How to Open a Four Number Combination Lock

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Four-number combination locks, while not as popular as three-number combination locks, can be used on luggage, lockers, safes, and more. Figuring out how to open a four-number combination lock may be a little confusing initially, but it is pretty easy to learn how to open one. This article will teach you how to open a four-number combination lock step by step. Once you learn how to use this type of lock, you can lock up anything you desire to keep safe and secure.


Step 1

Find your combination. Your combination should be on a slip of paper located in the package in which your lock came. You will want to memorize this combination before you actually begin to actively use your four-number combination lock.

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Step 2

Go to the first number. Roll the top wheel to the right to find the first number in your combination. Make sure the number is centered on top of the wheel.


Step 3

Set the second dial on the lock to the second number in the combination. Ensure the number is centered on the wheel, as you did with the first number.

Step 4

Use the third wheel to find the third number in the combination. Turn the third wheel to the right to locate the number, and make sure it is centered before setting the fourth number.


Step 5

Locate the fourth number in the combination on the bottom wheel on the lock and center it.

Step 6

After all four numbers have been aligned, hold the base and pull up on the metal half-circle bar on top of the lock. It should open. If it doesn't, ensure that all the numbers in the combination are aligned correctly and set to the right numbers. Then try pulling up on the bar again to get the lock open.



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