How to Dispose of Gasoline

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Never pour gasoline down any drain, into any type of water or onto the ground. This is an environmental hazard and results in contamination and potential fines. Never put gas, even in a container, into the trash. This creates fire hazards and could result in a trash fire or more. Fines and criminal charges await anyone who tries to dispose of gasoline improperly.

How to Dispose of Gasoline. Gasoline can be a very dangerous thing to store around a house or garage. If there's a container that has been stagnant for many years, it may be wise to dispose of it rather than continue to store it and risk the dangers of keeping a flammable substance around. Gasoline is a hazardous material and needs to be disposed of properly.


Step 1

Make sure you know what kind of gasoline you have. Many times a container has been there so long that people forget what type of gasoline was in there or if it was a mixture of oil and gas. Other times, it may not even be your house you're cleaning, and the owner has faded memories. If you aren't certain what type of fuel you have, plan to dispose of it properly.

Step 2

Fill 'er up. If the type of gas you have matches the kind you put in your vehicle use a funnel with a flexible stem and pour the gas into the gas tank. Before adding anything to your car, make sure the gas is still in good condition.


Step 3

Contact your local fire department. The length of time gas can safely be stored depends heavily on environmental conditions. The local fire department is the best source to find out how long you can have a gas can without compromising the condition of the gas.

Step 4

Familiarize yourself with community resources. Many communities have recycling centers or hazardous waste disposal centers. Even if gas disposal is not available in your area, they have names of other resource centers that can help.

Step 5

Open the yellow pages and check the government section. Look under disposal or hazardous materials for organizations that can take old gas. You may have to pay for these services, but it will always be less than any fines incurred if you were to try to dump the gas illegally.