How to Troubleshoot a Weiser Powerbolt

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Change your code regularly to avoid unwanted entry.

A door is only as safe as its lock, and a lock is only useful if it's functioning properly. The Weiser Powerbolt is a touchpad-enabled deadbolt system that, if operating correctly, can keep the bad guys out and your home secure. There are a few problems you can run into during installation and operation of the Powerbolt, and you will need to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Step 1

Check the power strip. Feed the power strip properly into the back of the power board. Firmly plug in the power strip.

Step 2

Check the batteries installed in the battery plate. The Weiser Powerbolt requires four AA batteries to function properly. Replace the batteries if necessary.

Step 3

Determine the door's "handing," or which side the door opens. The Weiser Powerbolt is reversible, so the bolt can be made to extend for both left-and right-hand doors. If the bolt does not seem to be extending, you may have the handing set incorrectly. You can change the handing of the Powerbolt by changing the position of the door direction jumper. Place the rubber jumper over the middle and left prongs for the "A" position, or over the middle and right prongs for the "B" position. You can find the door direction jumper on the right side of the power board.

Step 4

Check the strike plate. If the strike plate does not line up properly with the deadbolt, or if the deadbolt comes into contact with the strike plate, your door will not lock properly.

Step 5

Use your factory override codes. Your Weiser Powerbolt comes with two pre-set factory codes. If you have forgotten your code, you can use one of these two included codes to override the lock.

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