What Do I Do if My Room Has a Glue Smell?

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Lingering glue smells are not only annoying, but also can be toxic when breathed in.

When glue is used in a room -- either for crafts or construction -- it can leave behind lingering odors that are difficult to eradicate. As glue fumes can also be toxic, they cannot be ignored. Methods of removal range from using a common kitchen ingredient to purchasing a machine that aggressively goes after odors.

Exchange the Air

Open the windows to the affected room; place box fans in each window with the front of the fan facing the outside. Turn the fans onto their highest setting. The fans will pull the air from the room to the outside, ventilating the room. Allow the fans to run for several hours until the glue smell has dissipated.

Deodorize the Air

Place one uncovered bowl of vinegar in the center of the room if it is small; use several bowls if the room is larger. Close all doors and windows leading to the room, and allow the vinegar to remain in the room for at least 24 hours. Vinegar is an odor absorber and should remove any lingering glue odors. Additionally, a spray of equal parts white vinegar and water can be placed in a bottle and sprayed around the room and into the air for odor remover.


Filter the Air

Place a bucket of granular activated charcoal in the room with the glue odors; close all the doors and windows, and leave the charcoal in the room at least overnight. Activated charcoal is highly porous and positively charged; as air moves through it, the charcoal removes negatively charged particles from the air -- such as the glue odor -- by absorbing them. The charcoal will need to be replaced if it stops working, which means it has reached its saturation point and cannot absorb anything further.

Purify the Air

Run an air purifier to remove the glue smell from the room. Mechanical air purifiers can remove indoor pollutants, odors and gases by pulling air through a carbon filter and releasing clean, deodorized air back into the room. An electronic air cleaner pulls air into the machine to give particles an electronic charge that is the opposite of the type of charge found in harmful particles, such as the lingering glue odor, which purifies the air without the use of a filter that needs to be periodically changed.


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