How to Prevent Vent-Free Fireplace Odor

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Things You'll Need

  • Damp cloth

  • Vacuum

  • Duster


Install a carbon monoxide detector in the home to prevent any problems with the gas. Most vent-free fireplaces will not have problems, but sometimes gas leaks can occur, and having a detector will show when there is a leak.


If smells persist beyond the eight-hour curing time after installation, and cleaning does not eliminate the odors, have the gas service company come look at the fireplace. In many cases, the logs may be improperly placed or there may be other minor problems, but only a gas company can determine if the problem is related to the gas.

Vent-free fireplaces can easily have annoying odors.
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Smelling something odd in a house can be nerve-racking. The smell of gas or similar odors make people worry about carbon monoxide, which is known to kill when the levels become too high. Vent-free fireplaces have been known to have odors associated with them that worry the owners. Fortunately, the odors usually associated with a vent-free fireplace are often only annoying, rather than harmful.


Step 1

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Dust and vacuum the area around the fireplace. Dust, animal hair, and other airborne contaminates can cause odd smells when they get into a fireplace. These are usually odd and unpleasant odors, but keeping the area clean and free of dust will prevent most of the smells.


Step 2

Gas fireplace
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Allow the gas logs to cure. According to Magic Sweep Corporation, when a newly installed unit first is turned on, there will be an odor for approximately four to eight hours, if the vent-free fireplace has gas logs. This time period is called "curing," and it causes an unavoidable odor. After about eight hours, the smell should stop.


Step 3

Modern gas fireplace
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Keep the grill of the fireplace clean and free of dirt. Dust or other dirt on the grill can result in odd odors when the fireplace is on. The grill should be wiped down with a damp cloth to prevent odors from the heat.

Step 4

Fireplace cover
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Avoid turning on the fireplace after painting or using other similar materials. Paint or similar fumes can cause odors when the fireplace is on. To avoid these odors, allow the paint fumes to diminish before using the fireplace.

Step 5

Service the gas logs once a year. When gas logs are dirty or have problems, they can create odd odors. Keeping them clean and serviced will prevent those odors.



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