How to Repair a Kitchen Drawer That Opens by Itself

A loose or misaligned drawer slide is usually the cause of a drawer that opens by itself. It is important to fix a drawer the opens by itself to keep your kitchen safe and prevent the drawer and its operating parts from becoming damaged. You can install a magnetic drawer catch as an added measure to prevent the drawer from opening on its own. Keep your drawers in good working order to help maintain your cabinetry.

Step 1

Pull the drawer out from the drawer opening and set it on a work surface. Inspect the screws along the drawer slides both on the sides of the drawer and along the inside of the cabinet opening.

Step 2

Hold the slides in position along the drawer sides and inside of the cabinet opening and tighten any loosened screws with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Align the magnetic portion of the magnetic catch in the center of the top edge of the cabinet opening. Mark the mounting holes in the catch onto the cabinet with a pencil. Drill a 1/16-inch pilot hole 1/4-inch deep in the center of each pencil mark using a drill equipped with a 1/16-inch drill bit.

Step 4

Hold the magnetic portion of the magnetic catch over the pilot holes. Drive the included screws through the mounting holes in the catch into the cabinet frame using a screw gun.

Step 5

Align the metal portion of the magnetic catch in the center of the back edge of the drawer front. Mark the mounting holes and drill pilot holes into the drawer front. Fasten the metal portion of the magnetic catch to the drawer with a screw gun and the screws included with the catch.

Step 6

Insert the drawer back into the opening. Push the drawer closed. The newly tightened slides will keep the drawer in place. The magnetic catch will serve as added protection.

Jonah Morrissey

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