How to Install a Floor-mounted Doorstop

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Sometimes it is necessary to install a floor-mounted doorstop instead of a wall stop. A floor-mounted doorstop is usually more convenient if the adjacent wall is weak or hanging racks are on the back of the door. Doorstops help prevent damage to the wall by stopping the door before the door handle hits the wall. Installing a floor-mounted doorstop requires placing the stop close to the outside edge of the door when the door is open. This design provides more stability and prevents bowing the door if it slams against the doorstop. Floor-mounted doorstops are available at home improvement centers.


Step 1

Open the door to the position you want it to stop. It is best if the door is horizontal to the wall on the hinge side of the door.

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Step 2

Measure two inches from the front edge of the door toward the hinge edge with a tape measure. Make a mark on the door at the 2-inch measurement with a pencil. Make the mark on the side of the door that is facing the adjacent wall.


Step 3

Measure one inch from the door toward the wall starting at the previous mark on the door. Make a mark on the floor at the 1-inch measurement. This is where the screw that secures the doorstop is screwed into the floor.

Step 4

Drill a hole at the mark on the floor with a drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than the doorstop securing screw. If you are securing the doorstop to a concrete floor, use a masonry bit that is the same diameter as the plastic anchor necessary for the securing screw.


Step 5

Tap the plastic anchor into the hole in the floor with a hammer if mounting to concrete. Insert the securing screw through the top of the floor doorstop.

Step 6

Position the floor doorstop over the hole in the floor with the bumper of the doorstop pointing away from the wall. Secure the doorstop to the floor with the securing screw and Phillips screwdriver.

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