How to Remove a One-Way Screw From My Window Guards

Window guards protect children from falling out of windows and also act as a security deterrent. Most window guards attach to the window using one-way security screws. These screws are designed with heads that prevent regular screwdrivers from removing them. Although there are special screwdrivers available to remove one-way screws, they are not easily found in home improvement centers. Removing one-way screws from your window guard is possible, however, with a few tools you might already have around the house. Examine the head of the screw to determine if it has a thick head, thin head or is flush with the window guard. This helps in determining a method of removal.

Thick Screw Head

Step 1

Cut a slot into the top of the security screw with a rotary tool and cutting wheel if the screw has a thick head. Insert the cutting wheel into the rotary tool and cut a slot into the top of the head. Do not cut more than half the thickness of the screw head.

Step 2

Create the slot with a hacksaw, if you do not own a rotary tool. Attach two hacksaw blades to the hacksaw just as you would attach a single blade. As with cutting the slot with a rotary tool, do not cut more than half the thickness of the screw head.

Step 3

Insert the tip of a flat-head screwdriver into the cut slot. Press down firmly on the screwdriver while turning the one-way screw counterclockwise until the screw is out of the window guard.

Thin Screw Head

Step 4

Flatten two opposite sides of the screw head with a medium coarse file if the screw head is thin. Flatten the two sides just enough that you can pinch the flattened sides of the screw head with a pair of locking pliers.

Step 5

Lock the jaws of the locking pliers around the flattened portion of the screw head as tightly as possible. Use rounded-jaw locking pliers instead of flat-jaw locking pliers. The rounded jaws achieve a tighter grip.

Step 6

Turn the screw head counterclockwise with the locking pliers to remove the one-way screw from the window guard.

Flush or Indented Screw Head

Step 7

Drill the screw head out with a titanium bit the same diameter as the screw head, if your security screws are flush against the window guard.

Step 8

Pull off the window guard from the window once you drill out all of the screw heads.

Step 9

Grab the remaining screw shanks with a pair of pliers and turn them counterclockwise to remove the screw heads from the mounting surface.