The Proper Way to Store Chlorine Tablets

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Chlorine tablets are generally used for cleaning swimming pool water. However, these tablets are toxic and should be stored correctly at all times. There are various types of chlorine tablets, including three different sizes, between one and three inches in diameter. They are used in different ways, and just because some are smaller, does not mean less care should be taken. Although chlorine may be used in a pool and for other similar items, it is a dangerous chemical especially in its non-diluted form. Here is a look at the proper way that chlorine tablets should be stored.


Chemical Mixing

Do not store chlorine tablets where there is a chance that they can get mixed with other chemicals. This means they should be in a closed container, that will not allow seepage from another substance if something is spilled on it. It also means that chemicals that could spill should be kept away. There should be space between this container and other ones for easy accessibility.

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Handle the containers with care at all times so that they are not bumping other chemicals causing spillage and so that they tablets do not fall out of the container accidentally. Always store these containers in the upright position. Do not remove the tablets from the packaging that it was purchased in until you need to use them. This will eliminate fumes from leaking, as well as the chance for cross-contamination.



Store the chlorine tablets at a lower level than other things but not at the lowest. With this in mind, make sure that children cannot access the area where the tablets are located. Also ensure that pets cannot get into the container. The container should be away from heat sources, such as heaters or heating pipes. It should also be in a ventilated area where fumes cannot collect.

Keep the chlorine tablets away from the garage or anyplace that may have exhaust fumes. The reaction of the chlorine with these fumes causes a dangerous toxic gas to appear. This is more of a concern with liquid chlorine, however if the chlorine tablets are not stored correctly in containers, the reaction can still occur.



Keep the tablets away from direct sunlight. The area needs to be cool, dry, and away from most other things. If you decide to store them outside away from the family and pets, then keep the container protected from the weather elements.

In case of emergency, have the number for poison control listed near the chlorine tablets. If you suspect that a person or animal has gotten into the supply, call this number immediately. The dispatcher will give you instructions from there including what symptoms to look for if you think there is a case of chlorine poisoning.


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