How Often Should I Add Chlorine Stabilizer in My Pool?

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Chlorine stabilizer is a chemical added to your pool throughout the summer season to help your chlorine work longer and be more effective. By using less chlorine, you are supposed to save money on chemicals. Many pool owners uses chlorine stabilizer in extremely hot environments where more chlorine is typically necessary to maintain clean water.

Chlorine Stabilizer

Chlorine stabilizer helps keep your pool's chlorine working longer. Stabilizers are most effective in extremely hot climates where the sun oxidizes most of the chlorine in the pool, rendering it useless. That's why more chlorine is needed in warmer weather.


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How It Is Measured

Chlorine stabilizer is measured as cyanuric acid. Most test strips sold today have readings for chlorine, pH, alkalinity and chlorine stabilizer or cyanuric acid. An effective amount of chlorine stabilizer should show a reading on the test strips at or just below 40 parts per million (ppm).


When to Add Chlorine Stabilizer

The product is typically added to the pool when it is first opened for the summer season. Open your pool under normal procedures, and let the filter run with its normal amount of chemicals. When all the other chemicals, such as chlorine. pH and alkalinity, are balanced, add the chlorine stabilizer. Add the stabilizer only after the filter has been backwashed to ensure it is cycled through a clean filter. Add the stabilizer slowly through the skimmer as per the product's instructions. Most products require 1 lb. of stabilizer per every 3,000 gallons of water. Double check the specific product label before adding stabilizer.


How Often to Add Chlorine Stabilizer

Use your test strips to monitor the chlorine stabilizer amounts. If the number falls below 40 ppm, add stabilizer. This level, unless it's extremely warm outside, will rarely decrease if you maintain your pool's chemicals regularly.



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