How to Winterize a Hayward Pool Pump

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Things You'll Need

  • Sump pump

  • Shop Vac


If you plan to remove and store your Hayward pump indoors for the winter, turn off the power at the breaker to the pool pump and equipment. Disconnect the wiring and the plumbing system from the pump and disconnect the pump from the mounting pad. Store the pump in a dry location.


Do not cover the pump with plastic to avoid condensation or corrosion damage.

Winterizing your swimming pool helps to protect the equipment from damage during the cold winter months. If your pool pump is full of water and the temperature drops below freezing, the freezing water will expand causing damage to your pump and other equipment. Taking the extra time to properly winterize your Hayward pool pump can save you money and headaches come next spring.


Closing Down the Pool

Step 1

Backwash the pool filter and leave the backwash valve open to drain the filter of water.

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Step 2

Drain the water level in the swimming pool using the sump until it is lower than the skimmer openings and the return lines.

Step 3

Undo the plug located on the bottom of the filter and open the air relief valve on top to drain all the water out of the filter.


Winterizing the Pool Pump

Step 1

Remove the strainer cover lid and remove the drain plugs located on the bottom of the strainer body. Depending on your model of Hayward pump, there may be two plugs to remove.

Step 2

Turn the pump on very briefly to remove any water in the impeller after the water has drained. Do not turn it on for more than a couple of seconds to prevent burning the seals.

Step 3

Using a Shop Vac, blow all the water out of the plumbing lines running between the filter equipment and the pool. Blow water out of each line from the filter to the return outlets and from the pump to the skimmers.

Step 4

Replace the strainer cover and drain plugs. Close the air relief valve on the filter and replace the drain plugs. Close the backwash valve. The pump is now ready for winter.



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