How to Get Rid of Gnats Around a Swimming Pool

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Gnats are particularly bothersome because they fly in swarms. Gnats are attracted to rotting vegetation, decomposing food, damp areas and stagnant or still-standing water. Gnats are also drawn to vegetation that has been over watered. During their short lifetime, these tiny insects lay up to 300 eggs and not long after the first gnats arrive, large swarms will be evident in the area. Compost heaps that are close to your pool and wet lawns or flowerbeds will immediately attract gnats. Gnat infestations around your swimming pool can be controlled and eliminated by adhering to a few simple principles.


How to Get Rid of Gnats Around the Pool

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Step 1

Place vinegar traps near your swimming pool. Partly fill a plastic bottle with vinegar and make a number of tiny holes in the lid. Gnats are attracted to the vinegar and become trapped within the bottle.

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Step 2

Keep the water in shallow wading pools and small bird baths clean by changing it on a weekly basis.


Step 3

Turn over any item or piece of equipment that may gather water, such as wheel barrows and flower pot trays. Removing these items from the vicinity of your swimming pool is even better.

Step 4

Remove rotting leaf material and other organic debris from your rain gutters. Unblock all downspouts.


Step 5

Agitate the surface water of ornamental pools in the vicinity of your swimming pool to prevent the buildup of an organic layer on the surface.

Step 6

Rake the garden bed around or near to your pool to aerate the soil and to keep it damp-free.

Step 7

Burn citronella candles around the pool area, particularly in the evening.


Step 8

Remove the incandescent lights around or near the swimming pool and replace them with sodium light bulbs.

Step 9

Mix up and spray a cedar-based solution around the pool area.

Step 10

Position garbage cans as far from the pool area as possible.

Step 11

Use an insect fogger in cases of large infestations.



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