Which Chemicals Can I Use for a Bestway Pool?

People purchase aboveground swimming pools for many reasons, including budgetary reasons as well as convenience and space concerns. Certain types of aboveground swimming pools offer easy set-up, like the large inflatable "fast set" and steel frame pools from Bestway. Bestway aboveground swimming pools feature heavy-duty PVC and polyester water enclosures for long life. As for maintaining the cleanliness of a Bestway pool, the chemicals used include water disinfectants and pH balancers.

Like any aboveground swimming pool, a Bestway pool requires a number of chemicals for proper water chemistry.

Water Sanitation

Bestway aboveground swimming pools are either inflatable versions or fast-set types with steel frames that support an ultra-strong liner. Like water in any other swimming pool, a Bestway pool's water has to be consistently sanitized. For chemical water disinfection, you can use either chlorine or bromine in a Bestway aboveground pool. Maintain Bestway aboveground pool chlorine levels at 1 to 3 parts per million (ppm) or bromine levels at 2 to 4 ppm.

Balancing pH

The pH of water in a swimming pool is a vital component of its overall water chemistry. As with any pool, the water in Bestway pools needs to be properly pH-balanced. Keep water in your Bestway swimming pool at 7.4 to 7.6 for maximum effectiveness. The pH in a swimming pool is raised by adding sodium carbonate (soda ash). You can lower pH in a Bestway swimming pool by adding sodium bisulfate, which is marketed by Bestway as "pH Minus."

Pool Alkalinity

In addition to maintaining correct pH in a swimming pool, it's important to maintain total alkalinity at between 80 and 150 ppm. Total alkalinity in a swimming pool is raised using sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and decreased by using sodium bisulfate. Maintaining a Bestway aboveground pool's pH and alkalinity at proper levels is important to avoid developing cloudy water. Also, proper pH and total alkalinity in any swimming pool are necessary for swimmer or bather comfort.


Various pool chemical starter kits are available for Bestway aboveground swimming pools. A Bestway swimming pool's chemical starter kit includes chlorine, pH adjusters and even water chemistry test strips and an algaecide, plus a pool treatment guide. Always use any pool chemical only according to directions. Also, add chemicals to a pool's water one after the other, never together at the same time. Lastly, add all chemicals to a Bestway pool slowly, spreading them evenly around the pool for full circulation.