How to Clear Yellow Pool Water

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Nothing ruins a pool party quite like yellow-tinted water.

Unsightly yellow water in your swimming pool is always an unwelcome sight. Yellow water in the pool does not necessarily mean that the water is unclean, as more often than not the problem is simply that the pH balance is off. Minerals, such as iron, in the pool water can change the tint of the pool to yellow, green and other unpleasant colors, but with some chemical treatment the water should soon be bluish clear again.


Step 1

Dump the pH reducer slowly into the pool as required to eliminate the yellow color. This may require one or several bottles of mineral sequester to completely remove the excess minerals from the water. Test and retest the pH balance as the water clears to measure your progress.

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Step 2

Run the pool filter for several days to filter out minerals and to clean the water. For the best results, install a new pool filter before starting this process.


Step 3

Manually scrub pool walls and floors with a rough scrubbing brush to dislodge and remove mineral deposits.

Step 4

Keep the pH balance and cleaning chemicals in balance to help prevent future yellowing.



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