How to Fix a Hole in a Pool Without Draining the Water

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Patch small holes in an above-ground pool with the included patch kit.

Most above-ground pools come from the factory with a repair kit in case of damage to the side or bottom of the pool. These pools use a remarkably durable PVC material that is capable of enduring years of water weight pressing against it. However, after years of constant pressure from the water, deterioration due to chlorine and degradation from sunlight exposure, the walls can weaken. Occasionally, there will be something that pokes the side or the bottom of the pool and puts a hole in it. Patch the hole with a waterproof epoxy without draining the pool.


Step 1

Locate the area that has the hole.

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Step 2

Clean around the hole with a cloth. Wipe an area that is approximately 3 inches wider than the hole to remove dirt and contaminants such as skin oils or sunscreen that could prevent the cement from sticking.

Step 3

Cut a patch from the material that is at least 1 inch bigger than the hole all the way around.


Step 4

Spread cement over the entire underside of the patch.

Step 5

Fold the patch in half and bring it underwater to the hole. Open up the patch and press it onto the hole from the center, working outward.

Step 6

Patch the outside of the pool — if the hole is located on a wall — after you've patched the inside by cutting a patch about the same size as the one inside.


Step 7

Clean around the hole with the cloth and dry the surface completely.

Step 8

Apply the patch to the hole and smooth it from the center outward.

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