Toto toilets are in both in homes and public restrooms. In residences, a water storage tank commonly flushes wastewater from a Toto toilet bowl. Many public restroom toilets flush wastewater by utilizing a flow of water directly from the water supply pipe regulated by a Toto flush valve. You can adjust the amount of water stored in Toto toilet water tanks and the pressure regulated in the direct-flow method of flushing with a few tools and basic plumbing knowledge.

With Water Storage Tank

Step 1

Remove the cover from the Toto toilet water tank.

Step 2

Locate the water level marking on the inner wall of the toilet tank. If the water level is either above or below the mark, an adjustment is required.

Step 3

Locate the water level adjustment screw on the top of the water valve. Turn the screw clockwise with the appropriate screwdriver to increase the water level and counterclockwise to decrease. Adjust the screw in 1/2-turn increments.

Step 4

Flush the Toto toilet and check the adjusted water level. Repeat Step 3 as required.

Step 5

Replace toilet tank cover.

Direct Flush Valve

Step 6

Remove the Toto pressure adjustment screw cover using lock-jaw pliers. The cover is to the right of the water pipe and faces you. Turn the cover counterclockwise to remove.

Step 7

Depress the flush handle and check the amount of water that enters the bowl. If the water is excessive, decrease the incoming pressure by turning the adjustment screw clockwise in 1/2-turn increments. Turn the screw counterclockwise to decrease the pressure.

Step 8

Repeat Step 2 as required until you achieve a satisfactory pressure sufficient for removing wastewater.

Step 9

Replace the adjustment screw cover. Tighten clockwise with the lock-jaw pliers.