How to Fix a Grohe Faucet Spray Head

The Grohe line of spray heads will accumulate lime scale and sediment. This causes the nozzle to clog. Fortunately, the nozzles remove easily and clean relatively fast. This is a simple repair to perform if you have experience taking appliances apart. The project takes only ten minutes. It clears obstructions from the spray head and returns it to normal flow and operation. Perform this cleaning as part of regular maintenance about once a year, or as needed.

Step 1

Turn off the water to the faucet by shutting both hot and cold water valves underneath the sink.

Step 2

Remove the handle from the hose by unscrewing the handle, limiter, a small, round washer, and filter screen.

Step 3

Place the key onto the sprayer head and remove the front part of the sprayer. This part contains the nozzles for the spray head. The key is available in your repair kit.

Step 4

Wash the spray head and filter with water to remove debris and buildup. If your Grohe sprayer has speed clean nozzles, rub the sprayer nozzle with your hands to take off lime scale and sediment buildup. The sprayer is designed to be cleaned this way. All other models require cleaning with water.

Step 5

Reassemble the spray head by connecting the parts together in reverse order.