How to Adjust the Hardness on a Kenmore Water Softener

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Kenmore water softeners remove the iron and other chemicals in your water. As water enters into the brine, the beads in the brine attract the hardness from the water. The result is soft water flowing through your faucets and showers. It is important to keep the hardness level adjusted to avoid having water that is too hard which can result in corrosion of plumbing pipes. Adjusting the hardness on a Kenmore water softener requires knowing certain conditions from your home water analysis report.


Step 1

Press and release the right center "Select" button with your finger. The center display screen will flash a number with the word "Hardness" under the number.

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Step 2

Find your water analysis report settings either in your softeners owner manual or on a label on the inside lid of the softener. Look for the grains per gallon (gpg) hardness number and the parts per million of iron. If you do not have a water analysis, contact Sears to have them come out and perform an analysis.


Step 3

Multiply the parts per million of iron in your water by five. For example if your water has three ppm of iron, multiply three by five for a total of 15.

Step 4

Add the iron number to the hardness number. For example, if you have a gpg hardness of 20 and three ppm of iron, add 20 plus the 15 for a total of 35.


Step 5

Press the directional up and down buttons until the display flashes the correct number. Press the center "Select" button once and exit the programming mode.



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