Can You Use Draino on a Dishwasher Pipe?

Drano products are designed to get rid of most clogs in a house's pipes and plumbing system. The Drano manufacturer says that its liquid, gel and crystal products are safe to use on most kitchen clogs, but the company does not recommend using Drano in garbage disposals, dishwashers or toilet bowls. A better solution to remove a clogged dishwasher pipe is to use the Drano snake tool to loosen a clog, so it can continue to move along the pipes.

Dishwasher Pipe Clogs

A dishwasher drain pipe can become clogged with food particles, detergent residue or grease from dirty dishes, all of which prevent a dishwasher from draining properly. Rather than use Drano to clear away the obstruction, try disconnecting the pipe and manually removing the debris. A dishwasher pipe usually clogs in two main places: its connections to the household's main drain pipe and to the garbage disposal. Check these areas for debris, and re-attach the pipe once you clear it.

Drano Chemical Opener Products

Drano is typically known for its chemically formulated products that dissolve a clog in a drain pipe. Although these products eliminate grease, soap scum and food clogs, due to their toxicity, Drano suggests that they not be used in pipes with direct access to pots, pans, dishware and utensils. A small amount of chemicals could linger in the pipe after the drain clears and be transferred to objects used to prepare, cook and eat food.

Drano Snake Plus

Another Drano product, the Drano Snake Plus, is the only Drano product that should be used to clear a clogged dishwasher pipe. You insert this 18-inch, flexible snaking tool into a pipe to penetrate a blockage and loosen the clog. Once the clog is freed, ensure that the clog is entirely eliminated by flushing the pipe with tap water from your garden hose or running an empty dishwasher for a complete cycle.


The Drano Snake Plus is sold by itself and as a part of the Drano Snake Plus Cleaning Kit. If you purchase the cleaning kit, only use the Snake Plus to remove a clog in the dishwasher pipe, not the penetrating gel formula also included in the kit. Save the solution clog remover to eliminate other household clogs, such as tub or shower clogs.