How to Remove a Price Pfister Drain Stopper

Price Pfister faucets have a drain stopper plug that you can open and close, allowing your sink to fill or drain. You can remove the drain stopper plug from the drain at any time if you need to replace it or prefer not to use it at all. Removing the drain stopper plug takes only a few minutes and does not require any tools.

Step 1

Locate your pipe work under your sink.

Step 2

Locate the ball rod, two slender metal sticks forming an L-shape, which runs from the faucet's pop-up drain stopper knob down to the drain pipes beneath the sink. If you are having trouble locating it, pull up on your drain stopper knob behind the faucet's spout while looking under the sink, and you will see the ball rod move up and down. One end of the ball rod is attached to the drain stopper plug, and the other end is attached to the pop-up drain stopper knob.

Step 3

Remove the clip from the end of the ball rod by pinching the ends together and sliding it off the ball rod. This will separate the two metal sticks from each other.

Step 4

Pull the horizontal portion of the ball rod out of the drain pipe.

Step 5

Pull the drain stopper up and out of the drain.

Step 6

Install the ball rod back into the drain pipe, slide the horizontal portion of the rod back into place, then reattach the clip to the vertical portion of the ball rod.