How to Remove Water Softener

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Water softeners make water that contains dissolved chemicals, such as limestone and calcium, more suitable for drinking and washing in the home. These substances dissolved in the water can leave deposits behind in washers and faucets, causing damage. If you need to remove your water softener for service or repair, you can do it with a minimum of tools.

Step 1

Turn off the water supply for the water softener that you wish to remove. In most installations, there should be a water supply valve which controls the supply to the softener, most likely near a wall or floor. Rotate the valve to the right to cut off the water supply.


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Step 2

Turn off the electricity for the softener, if it is the type of water softener that operates on electricity, such as a reverse osmosis water softener. Pull the plug out of the wall or cut off the power to the softener at the main circuit breaker.

Step 3

Drain the water softener. Larger, high-capacity softeners may have a hose bibb at the bottom where you can attach a garden hose. Other softeners may have a tap that will have to be emptied into a bucket. Check the softener for a relief valve that you can open to make draining quicker.


Step 4

Place a towel underneath the connection from the supply side of the softener where it connects to the rest of the house plumbing. Loosen the coupling attaching the supply pipe to the softener. Some water may spill out. Have a bucket ready to catch any water.

Step 5

Disconnect the inlet pipe from the other side of the water softener. Wipe up any water that spills out.


Step 6

Disconnect the softener from the electrical supply, if needed. Open up the side panel with a screwdriver. Test the terminals on the inside of the softener with a voltmeter to ensure that the electricity is cut. Unscrew the terminals and pull the electrical wires off with a pair of needlenose pliers.

Step 7

Loosen any straps or bolts holding the softener in place. Remove the softener.



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