How to Identify Delta Shower Faucets

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You may think that all Delta shower faucets are the same, but there are actually many Delta shower valve types. Because each faucet has a cartridge, there are also several Delta shower cartridge types. It's important to know which model you have when it's time to replace a faucet part. By identifying the main features of your shower faucet, you can establish the model and complete your old Delta shower faucet repair.


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Identify Important Faucet Features

Of course, finding your unit's model number is much easier if you've kept the box and installation sheet for your faucet. But because very few of us actually do this, you'll need a different method to find out. You can start by identifying your faucet's features, such as the handle shape, style, size and finish. Delta shower faucets come in a large variety of finishes. including chrome, stainless, brass and nickel. They can also come with or without diverters and separate volume controls.


There are many Delta shower valve types, each with a different design. Some of these faucets come with lever handles of many styles, while others have round or square handles. The handle material is important, as well, with some faucets having metal handles, while others come with clear plastic ones. When working on either a new or an old Delta shower faucet repair, these are all features you can use to help establish which model you have.


Go to Delta Faucet Website

After you've identified the features of your Delta shower faucet, you can use your computer or smartphone to go to the Delta Faucet website to find Delta shower cartridge types and other parts. At the top of the Delta home page, click on the "Bathroom" link. This will bring you to a page that lists all of the company's bath products. Select "Showering," which will bring you to the page will all of Delta's showering products.


From here, there are several filters to help you narrow your search, including "Features" and "Style & Finish." If you are looking strictly for parts, you can select "Service & Parts" at the top of the Delta home page and follow the prompts. This will help you narrow your search a bit further.


Customer service information is listed on these pages in case you are having trouble finding the Delta shower valve types you're looking for.

Go to a Plumbing Supply Store

If you aren't comfortable with computers or would rather have personal assistance, you can visit a hardware store or plumbing supply store to help you find what you. One of the benefits of visiting a store is that they may have parts and information on older faucets, while the Delta faucets website lists primarily newer faucets. For homeowners who are doing old Delta shower faucet repair, visiting a store is sometimes a better option than searching online.

It is often helpful to bring your shower faucet handle to the store to help identify the model. The handle can usually be removed from the faucet with an Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver. If you have a phone or digital camera, you can simply take a photo of your faucet to bring to the store with you. You usually don't need to remove the cartridge from the faucet to identify Delta shower cartridge types, though it can help match the cartridge.