How to Identify Delta Shower Faucets

If you are replacing a part on your faucet you should understand what the model is so you can purchase the proper parts. Delta shower faucets are identified by their features, which vary among models. Whether it is an anti-scald system or a special handle, you'll find that establishing the model is easier than you think. Delta offers an online resource to identify models, and other options, like taking the part or faucet to a plumbing store, are available.

Step 1

Select a few main features on your faucet, like handle shape, size and style. Delta makes lever handles, and single round handle and double handle shower faucets. Notice the shape of the handle particularly and the finish, which either is chrome or brushed metal in most cases. Also note whether the handle is made of clear plastic or metal.

Step 2

Remove the handle by unscrewing the set screw on the side of the handle or underneath a cap on top of the faucet handle using an Allen wrench. Pull the handle off the faucet gently. Look under the handle at the cartridge inside and determine whether a scald guard is present. This scald guard is a dial-shaped part with a notched knob.

Step 3

Log onto the internet and go to the Delta Faucets website. Click "Support" and then "Product ID Help" in the drop down menu. Click the bath item choice, and start matching the shape, finish and features of your faucet to the faucets on the website. Bear in mind that only current models are on the Delta faucet website.

Step 4

Bring the faucet handle to a plumbing supply store and compare the handle to pictures of Delta shower faucets. Ask for help from a clerk to match the handle to a Delta faucet model. You do not need to remove the faucet cartridge to match and identify it. However, you may remove it if you like. Turn off the home's water supply, then unscrew the bonnet cap under the handle. Pull out the cartridge and take it with you to the store. Any plumbing supply store will match the cartridge to the proper Delta faucet.

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