How to Fix a Grohe Faucet

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Grohe faucet repair covers a lot of bases due to the myriad of styles in the Grohe kitchen and bathroom collections and because of different types of repairs. But if you have a leaky Grohe faucet, a common fix is to replace the basin mixer cartridge. And if you have a Grohe K7 faucet model, you may experience a low-flow problem, for which Grohe offers a remedy to correct the diminished flow.


Grohe Kitchen Faucet Cartridge Replacement

Cartridge faucets typically use an up-and-down motion of a single-lever handle to control the water flow and a left-to-right motion to control the water temperature by mixing hot and cold water together. When the faucet cartridge becomes worn out or the O-ring seal inside the cartridge becomes worn, the faucet can leak. Before replacing the cartridge and/or O-ring, be sure to turn off the hot and cold water supply controls underneath the sink.


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Open the faucet mixer to release any pressure as well as drain any residual water left in the faucet or supply line. Remove the handle cover by using a flathead screwdriver and an appropriately sized Allen key, generally sized 3 mm. Unscrew the large nut that secures the cartridge to the faucet by using a large 32 mm socket wrench to loosen the cartridge and pull it away from the faucet.

When you remove the cartridge, make sure that no seals or other parts are left inside the faucet and make sure that a seal is on the new cartridge. Position the two tabs of the cartridge inside the faucet basin by aligning them with the tab cutouts and insert the new cartridge. Replace the large nut with the socket wrench that you used to loosen the nut and replace the cap. Replace the lever and tighten it to the faucet with the Allen key that you used to loosen the lever.


Grohe Bathroom Faucets Cartridge Replacement

You'll replace the cartridge in a Grohe bathroom faucet by using the same procedure as you would for a kitchen faucet. After you successfully replace a cartridge, be sure to turn on the hot and cold water supplies underneath the sink and check to make sure that the faucet is mixing hot and cold water together as you move the lever from side to side.


K7 Faucet Low-Flow Problem

If your Grohe K7 kitchen faucet has diminished flow, you can first remove the spray head and check for debris. Turn on the water while the spray head is removed; if the flow is heavy, the problem likely is in the spray head. Remove the check valve inside the spray head by using a screwdriver to press in the valve and hook it. Run water through the check valve to flush out any debris that may be trapped inside it.


If you're unable to remove all the debris, simply replace the check valve with a new one. Be sure to use a Grohe-approved check valve so that you do not void your Grohe parts warranty. Consult your user manual for the correct check valve that fits your faucet model.




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