How to Adjust a Kohler Ingenium Toilet

Kohler's Ingenium flushing system is designed to deliver a quieter flush, with sustained rinsing action to better clean the toilet bowl. The system uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, delivered from the tank to the bowl, after which time the flapper seats and the fill valve refills the tank. The Ingenium system is offered in approximately 40 different Kohler toilet models, as of January 2011. Adjusting the flushing components of the Kohler Ingenium system to reset the tank water level or stop a tank-to-bowl leak involves the same basic procedures as with other flushing systems.


Step 1

Adjust the water level inside the tank so that it is even with the waterline mark on the overflow tube. The overflow tube is the vertical tube that the flapper is attached to. Remove the tank lid and locate the C-clip that is attached to the fill valve's float rod. The float rod is the short rod running parallel to the fill valve.

Step 2

Squeeze the C-clip with your fingers and slide it up to raise the tank's water level. Squeeze the C-clip and slide it down to lower the water level. Flush the toilet and check to see where the water level settles once the fill valve shuts off. Adjust the C-clip as necessary.

Step 3

If the fill valve continually turns itself on without the toilet being flushed, turn the shut-off valve completely to the right. Locate the shut-off valve on the wall behind the toilet's left side, about 6 inches above the floor. Remove the tank lid. Flush the toilet and continue to depress the handle until as much tank water as possible drains out.

Step 4

Soak up the remaining tank water with a towel. Unscrew and remove the supply line from the left side, underneath the tank. Use an adjustable wrench if you are unable to unscrew it by hand. Remove the locknut from the bottom of the fill valve's threaded shank, underneath the tank.

Step 5

Lift the fill valve out of the hole in the bottom of the tank. Wipe around the hole, cleaning out any debris, with a clean rag or towel. Wipe the fill valve's seat washer clean. Install the fill valve in the tank. Tighten the locknut onto the fill valve from underneath the tank. Connect the supply line and hand tighten it, followed by a quarter turn with an adjustable wrench.

Step 6

Remove the flapper if it is damaged and will not seat properly, allowing water to drain down into the bowl. This will also cause the fill valve to jump into action to replace the lost tank water. Wear rubber gloves when handling the flapper. Unclip the flapper chain from its connection to the lift rod. Unhook or unsnap the flapper hinges from the hooks on the bottom of the overflow tube.

Step 7

Place the flapper in a plastic bag and take the flapper to a home improvement, hardware or plumbing supply store and obtain the correct replacement flapper.

Step 8

Snap or hook the replacement flapper into position on the overflow tube's two hooks. Clip the flapper chain onto the lift rod. Twist the shut-off valve to the left, and allow the tank to refill. Flush the tank and check to make sure the flapper rises and falls properly. Place the lid on the tank.