Sink clips hold a kitchen sink in place on the countertop. One end of the clip attaches to the sink, while the other end clamps down on the underside of the countertop. These clips help keep the sink from moving side to side. Before you can remove a sink from the hole in the countertop, you must loosen these clips. Sink clips are made of metal and slide back and forth in a metal track attached to the underside of the sink.

An extra pair of hands can make the job easier.

Step 1

Remove all household cleaning items from under the sink. Move anything that might get in the way of the removal process. If you keep a trash can under the sink, move it out as well. You need as much working space as possible.

Step 2

Locate the sink clips around the perimeter of the sink. A sink usually has a minimum of four sink clips. Look at the fastener used to hold the clips in place. This will either be a screw or a bolt.

Step 3

Loosen the sink clips, using a Phillips or flat-head screwdriver. If a bolt is holding the clips in place, loosen it with an adjustable wrench. Always turn the screws or bolts counterclockwise to loosen them.

Step 4

Twist the sink clips until the clamping part is parallel with the track attached to the underside of the sink. The clamping part needs to be able to clear the underside of the countertop when the sink is lifted out. The sink is now ready for removal.