How to Increase Water Pressure From a Well Pump

Water pressure from a private home water well uses an electrical pressure switch for control. The pressure switch is located on the pressure tank of the water system. The switch will close and turn the pump on when the pressure drops below a preset point. The water pump will then turn off when that pressure is reached. Increasing the overall water pressure for the water pump can only be achieved by changing these set points. You must have a pressure gauge installed on the water tank in order to properly increase water pressure from a well pump.

Increasing water pressure from a well pump is a basic adjustment.

Step 1

Locate the pressure switch on the pressure tank. It has a gray plastic cover with a small nut on top. Turn the small nut in a counterclockwise direction with the plumbers pliers. Lift the plastic cover from the switch. Exercise caution, as there are energized electrical parts in the switch. The electrical power must remain on to make the adjustments.

Step 2

Identify the two spring-loaded adjustment nuts on the pressure switch. The smaller nut and spring is a 7/16-inch nut. This nut widens the overall pressure gap of the on and off cycle to the water pump. The larger 1/2-inch nut controls the pressure switch's cut-in and cut-off pressure.

Step 3

Place the 1/2-inch wrench over the larger nut. Open a water spigot so water is flowing and the pump is cycling on and off. Turn the nut in a clockwise direction. Observe the pressure gauge while the pump is operating. The gauge will drop in pressure and then the pump will turn on. As the pressure gauge rises, the pump will turn off. Turn the nut clockwise until the desired higher-pressure on the water system is reached.

Step 4

Adjust the smaller 7/16-inch nut to either widen the pressure gap or decrease it. Turning the nut clockwise will increase the overall pump cut-off pressure. Turning the nut in a counterclockwise direction will lower the pump cut-off pressure. Watch the gauge and make adjustments to the nut accordingly.

Step 5

Allow the pump to cycle at least four or five times after adjustments have been made. Watch the pressure gauge to ensure correct operation. It is best to leave at least a 20 PSI gap or range between the cut-in and cut-off pressures.