How to Calculate the Circumference of a Pipe

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Pipes tend to have a circular end.

The circumference of a pipe is the distance around the pipe. In order to calculate the circumference, you need to know the diameter of the pipe. The diameter is the distance from one side of the pipe to the direct opposite side of the pipe. You also need to know pi. Pi is typically estimated as 3.14.


Step 1

Measure the diameter of the pipe. For example, assume the pipe has a diameter of four feet.

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Step 2

Determine how accurate your measurement needs to be. If you need a general estimate, you can use 3.14 as pi. If you need more accurate measurements, you should carry pi out to more decimals. Pi begins at 3.14159265 and continues from there.

Step 3

Multiply the diameter by pi. In the example, four feet times 3.14 equals 12.46 feet.



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