How to Take Apart a Moen Showerhead

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Things You'll Need

  • Pair of tongue-and-groove pliers

  • Flat-head screwdriver (optional)

Dismantle your Moen showerhead for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Moen, a plumbing fixture manufacturer based out of California, has released plenty of showerhead models since the 1930s. Like any showerhead, a Moen showerhead can suffer issues that cause the showerhead to lose pressure or become clogged. Oftentimes, repairing clogs and water pressure issues in your Moen showerhead requires cleaning out the showerhead. This usually involves dismantling the showerhead unit from the shower arm.

Step 1

Locate the main water valve inside your bathroom sink's cabinetry. Twist the valve clockwise until it is in the "off" position. This disables all water from flowing through your bathroom's fixtures.

Step 2

Grip the pipe section of your Moen showerhead with a pair of tongue-and-groove pliers, which are commonly known as "Channelock" pliers, a brand name. Twist the showerhead counterclockwise until the showerhead completely unscrews from the shower fixture.

Step 3

Remove the front plastic or metal cap from your showerhead. In some cases it will be secured in place by a few retaining latches. Disengage the latches with a flat-head screwdriver or your fingers. Or, just unscrew the cap with your hands. This will give you access to the inside of the showerhead for cleaning.


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