How to Clean a Water Dispenser on a Refrigerator Door

Refrigerator door water dispensers can serve their intended purpose for years before showing any signs of trouble. Once in a while, however, the water will start to trickle rather than flow, and the taste of the water becomes a little musty. A quick and easy cleaning of the dispenser is usually all it takes to remedy such a situation. Clean out the system without using any harsh chemicals that could wind up being ingested. Using vinegar kills germs that can grow in the tubing while also removing buildup that can affect the water's taste and the water dispenser's function.

Water dispensers on refrigerator doors stay clean and functional with regular maintenance.

Step 1

Turn off the water valve that provides water to the dispenser by turning the valve clockwise. Loosen the screw affixed to the copper tubing using a screwdriver. Slip the end of the tube out.

Step 2

Pour 3 cups of white vinegar into the tube. Hold the tube upright so the vinegar drains into the first reservoir. After about five minutes, fasten the tube to a wall or the back of the refrigerator with tape so the liquid continues to drain downward.

Step 3

Empty the ice cube holder and adjust the lever on the ice cube maker to the "On" position. This causes the vinegar to run through the system and clean the ice cube maker.

Step 4

Press the button on the water dispenser that pours the water and hold until all of the vinegar has run through the system. This cleans the tubing and internal fixtures that channel the water to the spout.

Step 5

Dip the nipple end of the bottle brush in vinegar and clean the spout area and the open end of the copper tubing. Use an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar to scrub the reservoir or drainage plate on the water dispenser.

Step 6

Reattach the copper tubing by slipping the end back into place and tightening with a screwdriver. Turn the water valve on. Keep the ice cube maker turned on. Run water through the entire system several times before drinking. Throw out the first batch of ice cubes because they may have a slight vinegar taste.