How to Remove Old Intercom Systems

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Hardwired intercom systems are being outdated with the latest innovations in the intercom industry. Wireless technology has also been adapted by modern intercom units facilitating the easy installation and removal of the intercom unit. Other units are also equipped with a video camera for added security. Whether you are upgrading the intercom system in your house or just simply removing them, doing it yourself can save you a lot of money than hiring a professional to do it for you.


Step 1

Shut off the electrical power to the room where the main intercom unit is located, usually the living room area.

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Step 2

Remove the cover of the main intercom unit using the screwdriver. Locate the two wires that supply power to the unit, usually a red wire and a black wire connected to the unit via a terminal. Use the voltmeter's red lead to touch the red wire's terminal while the voltmeter's black lead is touching the black wire's terminal to check if there is still power being supplied to the unit.


Step 3

Remove the mounting screws of the intercom unit using the screwdriver and remove the intercom unit from the wall.

Step 4

Cut the intercom unit's electrical wires using the electrical pliers. Cap the wires with the wire caps. Tuck the capped wires inside the hole on the wall where the intercom unit was previously mounted.


Step 5

Fold the dry wall patch part A on the dry wall patch's center cut. Insert the dry wall patch into the hole in the wall to ensure that the patch will fit. Remove the patch from the wall.

Step 6

Remove the adhesive cover of the dry wall patch part A. Fold the dry wall patch part A on the dry wall patch's center cut again and reinsert the dry wall patch part A into the wall.


Step 7

Unfold the dry wall patch part A from inside the wall. Stick the patch to the wall. Insert your finger in the dry wall patch part A's center hole and press it to firmly stick the patch to the wall.

Step 8

Cover the dry wall patch part A's center hole with the center hole's cover plate.


Step 9

Apply the filler included in the dry wall patch kit to the dry wall patch. Allow it to dry for a day.

Step 10

Paint over the filler with a matching paint color of the wall to conceal the covered hole.

Step 11

Repeat the steps to remove the other intercom units located throughout the house.


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