How to Repair a Ceiling Fan That is Falling Down

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How to Repair a Ceiling Fan That is Falling Down. Proper installation of a ceiling fan is integral to its longevity. Even the slightest mistake can end up in a wobbly fan. Man are installed off-balance, and end up shaking for years until they finally fall from the ceiling. If you're ceiling fan is wobbly, it is best to fix it before it falls.

Step 1

Make sure the power is shut off to the fixture. Turn the circuit off at the circuit breaker. Use a circuit tester to make sure the power is off.


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Step 2

Get a strong ladder and set it beneath the ceiling fan fixture. It is best to have two people, one to hold the fan, and the other to do the work. If you are alone, however, get a second ladder and place it next to yours. You can then place the fan on this ladder while you do your repairs.

Step 3

Detach the wires from the ceiling and the fan. They will be attached with a wire nut. Simply unscrew the nuts and put them in a safe place for later.


Step 4

Remove the fan blades from the motor and place in a safe place. Remove the ceiling fan cover from the motor.

Step 5

Check the mounting brackets. If they have fallen, then re-attach them to the electrical box, otherwise just tighten the screws.

Step 6

Use the wire nuts to re-connect the electrical wires based on color. Every wire in your fixture should correspond in color to a wire in your ceiling. Make sure they match up.


Step 7

Secure the "grounding" wire to the mounting bracket, if applicable. This is typically a single, exposed wire. However, you should consult your owner's manual for specific instructions.

Step 8

Attach the fan's motor to its mounting bracket. Turn the power back on and test to see that the fan is working. Tighten the motor to the mounting bracket.


Step 9

Kill the power once again and put the cover on the fan. Once the motor is covered, you can start putting on the blades.

Step 10

Turn the power back on and see if the fan is level. If the fan is not level, then level it based on the directions in your owner's manual.



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