How to Fix a Squeaky Door Knob

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A squeaky door knob can be absolutely maddening if it isn't quickly remedied. The best way to fix a squeaky door knob is usually the simplest and most obvious: lubricate it. WD-40 or other penetrating oils are the perfect tool for this because they come in cans designed to direct a fine stream of oil directly into the offending part of the door knob mechanism.

Step 1

Wiggle the plate where the door knob meets the door to see if it's loose. If it is, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws until the knob plate sits evenly against the surface of the door.


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Step 2

Turn the door knob from both sides of the door to determine whether it still squeaks and, if so, on which side (it may be one or both).

Step 3

Apply a thin stream of WD-40 or another penetrating oil to the seam where the actual knob you grip to open the door turns inside a plate mounted to the door. The ideal tool for this is a penetrating oil can with a thin straw nozzle attached to direct the flow of oil.


Step 4

Turn the door knob back and forth rapidly to distribute the WD-40 inside the mechanism. If the knob still squeaks, apply the WD-40 around the opening where the bolt or half-bolt protrudes from the door's edge. Work the knob back and forth again to distribute the oil, then let it sit for about five minutes.

Step 5

Check for the squeak again and apply more WD-40 as necessary.



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