How to Fix Hunter Douglas Blinds

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Hunter Douglas sells wood slat blinds that may need repair after years of use.

Hunter Douglas blinds are known for their high quality. Even though Hunter Douglas blinds are well made, they can still occasionally have factory defects and become worn with use. If you are missing slats or unable to open your Hunter Douglas blinds, contact the company and arrange for repair. Hunter Douglas blinds come with a lifetime warranty, and you should take them to Hunter Douglas professional for no-cost repairs. If you have a minor repair, such as malfunctioning cord, you can replace and fix this yourself.


Step 1

Remove the Hunter Douglas blinds from the window by gently popping them out of the spring brackets that attach them to the wall. Raise the blinds to about 6 inches below the top slat, or head rail. Place your thumbs at the bottom of the head rail toward the window side. Press upward with your thumbs and pull downward on the top front as you rotate it toward the room side. The blinds are now released from the spring brackets.


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Step 2

Set the Hunter Douglas blinds on a table. Examine what needs to be repaired. If the cord is broken or not running smoothly, repair this yourself. If there is a major defect or crack in the blinds, go to Step 11.

Step 3

Remove the cord lock at the top right of the head rail. Pull the lock to the right end, and it should slide off the rail. Remove the end cap from the other side of the head rail by popping and sliding it off the end. Remove the two end caps from the bottom rail by popping and sliding them off the ends.


Step 4

Slide the head and bottom rail off the blinds. Remove any tape covering the string holes along the bottom of the blinds. Use scissors to cut off any washers on the strings and put them aside in a safe place for later use.

Step 5

Remove the strings from your shades. Save the three plastic cord guides along the head rail for later use. Remove the strings from the cord lock. Save the small plastic cord stop assembly in the cord lock for later use. All the strings have now been removed from the blinds.


Step 6

Measure and cut four new strings from a replacement cord. The three replacement strings that go through your blinds vertically should measure twice the width of the blinds. The single replacement string, which you use to raise and lower the blinds, should measure twice the width of the blinds.

Step 7

Reattach the washers to the end of the string by sliding them on the end of the string and tying them in place with a double knot. Thread the other end of the strings through the eye of a restring needle. Tie a single knot to secure.


Step 8

Insert the restring needle into the string hole at the bottom of the shade and pull it through to the top until the washer is against the bottom of the blinds. Repeat Step 6 and 7 for each of the three vertical lift cords.

Step 9

Thread the last piece of string through the hole in the three plastic cord guides removed earlier. Set the cord guides over the three string holes at the top of the blind, making sure the cord runs horizontally down the right side of the blind. Slide the head rail cover in place over the strings and cord guides. Return the end cap to the upper right-hand side and gently push it into place. Slide the lower rail back into place and push the end caps back into the bottom rail.



Step 10

Take all the strings and thread them back through the cord lock. Reinsert the cord lock back into the head rail by sliding it into place. You have now replaced the cord on the Hunter Douglas Blinds. If what needs to be fixed on your blinds is more major than a cord repair, contact Hunter Douglas for a professional repair and to redeem the warranty.

Step 11

Contact the place where you purchased your Hunter Douglas blinds to redeem your warranty. If you cannot remember where you purchased your blinds, contact Hunter Douglas directly at 800-789-0331. They will register your warranty and start the repair process. Go to the Hunter Douglas website at Click on "Warranty Information" under the "Contact Us" tab. Fill out the "Product Support and Parts Request" form. Make sure you fill out all parts of the form and hit "submit." A Hunter Douglas representative will contact you via email and walk you through sending your blinds to the Hunter Douglas repair facility. Depending on the repair you need done, it can take a few days or six weeks to receive your repaired blinds back.

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