Can a Dehumidifier Work With Windows Open?

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Dehumidifiers work to remove excess moisture from the air. Open windows may allow humidity from the outside to filter in, which makes the dehumidifier work harder. Close windows in the home when running the dehumidifier to reduce costs and to get the most benefit from the machine.

How a Dehumidifier Works

The dehumidifier's primary function is to remove moisture from the air in a room or a section of the home, such as a basement. Rooms with too much humidity or moisture can breed mold and mildew, which cause odors and health issues. The dehumidifier works best with the windows closed because opening the windows may allow outside moisture to come in. As air passes through the dehumidifier, the machine traps the moisture, which deposits into a drain pan. Drier air then filters from the dehumidifier.


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Health Benefits

If you have excess moisture inside the home, those with breathing issues may find it even more difficult to breathe. As you inhale, the moisture coats airway passages, resulting in coughs or labored breathing. By reducing the moisture with the dehumidifier, you can breathe easier.



The dehumidifier needs to be placed in the room with the most moisture, which may be the basement, bedroom or living room. You can place it against a wall, but ensure the front is facing out so it can work properly.

Running the Dehumidifier

Plug in the dehumidifier, and allow it to work as much or as long as you want to remove moisture and humidity from the air. You need to turn it off and empty the drain pan once or twice a day. After a time, you may notice there is not as much water building in the pan, at which time you can turn off the dehumidifier and use it only when needed.



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