How to Remove a Grohe Handle Shower Temperature Control

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Grohe faucet handles can come in many different sizes and shapes.
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Grohe shower handles come in many different shapes and sizes. As such, a Grohe shower handle removal can vary based on the specific model number installed in your shower. Whether you need to repair the shower cartridge or just want to change the look of your shower faucet trim, learning how to remove a Grohe shower handle is relatively straightforward but may involve some detective work and trial and error.

Tools you may need include a flat-head screwdriver, hex key set, channel locks and a small but thick towel. Plug the shower drain so no screws or caps accidentally tumble into it, and turn off the main water supply.

Diagram for a Grohe Shower Handle Removal

The best way to proceed with removing your specific model of Grohe shower handle is to consult the original installation instruction sheet. If you no longer have this, you can try to look up the model number online in the Grohe catalog and download the technical specification sheet. This shows an "exploded" drawing of all the parts in the order they're installed. The diagram also points out the location of each set screw so you know exactly where to look to dismantle your Grohe shower handle.

If you can't find a spec sheet for your exact model (or even for a similar one), there are three main ways shower handles are installed: screws, twist-on components or caps.

Are Any Screws Visible?

First, inspect the entire handle for any visible screws. These are usually small and hidden in order to preserve the shower handle's aesthetic appearance, so shine a flashlight underneath the shower handle to conduct a thorough search. Unscrew any visible screws you find with the appropriately sized hex key.

If there's no sign of a screw head, look for a small metal circle. This is a decorative cap that covers the screws holding your Grohe shower temperature control handle in place. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to pop off the cap, followed by a hex key to take out the newly exposed screw. Sometimes the screws will be very small, so anything that looks remotely round or hexagonal is fair game.

Can Anything Twist Off?

If you have a Grohe shower handle with no visible screw, gently twist any protruding elements. Sometimes the base of the shower handle will twist off, and other times the handle itself can twist counterclockwise. This may expose hidden screws that can then be removed with a hex key.

It's completely normal for some parts of the shower handle to "freeze" or be difficult to twist by hand simply because they haven't moved in a long time. You can use channel locks to get some extra power.

However, if you're conducting a Grohe bathroom faucet repair rather than replacement, you don't want to scratch up the surface of your shower trim by allowing the channel locks to come in direct contact with the metal. First, wrap a towel around the part that you need to twist and then use the channel locks to provide the leverage you need.

Are There Any Grooves?

Finally, look for any grooves around the shower handle that are about the size of a flat-head screwdriver. If you place such a screwdriver into this groove and apply firm outward pressure, a protective cap may pop off and reveal the set screw that anchors the handle in place.

Once you find and remove the main screw holding the handle in place, you can simply remove each piece to expose additional nuts or screws. Keep loosening these fasteners and removing the decorative trim until the entire handle is removed.


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