Loctite is a brand of adhesives and threadlockers that are designed to hold bolts and screws in place. These prevent jarring and loosening during rigorous activity or under stress. Due to the nature of the adhesive, Loctite brand adhesives can be very difficult to remove unless the proper techniques are observed. Loctite threadlockers are very common in automotive work and to seal threads in smaller jobs such as eyeglasses or garbage disposals.

Step 1

Wipe any dust or debris from the nut, screw, or bolt that you wish to remove with your towel. This is essential to prevent fire hazards.

Step 2

Hold the heat gun approximately 3 inches from the Loctite-adhered item. Try not to get too close to ensure the barrel of the heat gun does not touch the item when hot.

Step 3

Apply heat with the gun. It is best to quickly heat the surface and then switch to the next tool. Be sure to set the gun down in a safe place away from flammables or wet surfaces.

Step 4

Use your socket set or screwdriver to remove the piece. Heat breaks down Loctite threadlocker adhesives, allowing you to work the screw or nut loose with regular tools.