How to Disconnect the Hydrolock Connection on a Moen Kitchen Faucet

Moen's Hydrolock connector is a piece of technology that really makes disconnecting the entire faucet easier. This connector bridges the main connections in the faucet, allowing them to come out when the faucet is being replaced or repaired. Instead of unscrewing the connectors with a wrench, all you need to do is unsnap them. If your faucet has one of these connectors, you'll find using it very simple. The whole process takes less than five minutes to complete and requires no special tools.

Step 1

Clean out the area under the sink to remove all obstructions, like large pots, cleaning products and kitchen tools. This allows more access to your sink cabinet area.

Step 2

Find the faucet hose and follow it until you come across the Moen Hydrolock connector. It is a black connector with two white tabs on one side. The tabs are part of a button that clicks into place to secure the connection.

Step 3

Grasp the connector and press down on the tabs. Turn the connector to dislodge the tabs and undo the connection. You'll hear a snap as the connection comes out.

Step 4

Pull the connector off the hose by hand. To reconnect, simply place the two ends together. Turn the connector and press the tabs down. Listen for the click to tell you the connection is made.

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