How to Increase the Humidity of a Humidor

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Things You'll Need

  • Humidor

  • Distilled water

  • Paper towels

  • Starter fluid


Certain humidors will have humidity settings, usually including low, medium and high. Turn the setting to high if you need to increase the humidity.

When refreshing your humidity regulator, use distilled water to avoid bacterial contamination and mold building up in your humidor and on your cigars.

Starter fluid or humidor juice is available for purchase at tobacco specialty shops.

Humidors are the most effective way to store cigars. Because they are made in hot and humid areas, cigars easily dry out and lose their taste when they are stored anywhere that does not have similar characteristics. Unless your house or car maintains a constant temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a constant humidity above 65 percent, there is no way to store them effectively anywhere in your home, other than in a humidor. If the humidity in your humidor begins to drop, the cigars can dry out, leaving them tasteless. Using the following methods will increase the humidity in your humidor.

Step 1

Dampen a paper towel in distilled water and wipe the inside walls of your humidor when you first set it up. When first started, the humidity regulator of the humidor can take some time to reach the required 70 percent. Moistening the inside of the box will help it reach that ultimate goal.

Step 2

Close the lid of the humidor securely each time you insert or remove a cigar. Humidor lids will feature a slight resistance within the last inch or so before they close. Close the humidor completely, or else the humidity will escape and the cigars will dry out.

Step 3

Refresh the humidity regulator in your humidor at least twice in the first month you use it. When you first begin using the humidor, fill the regulator with starter fluid. Refresh the regulator with distilled water at least twice after the initial application within the first month.

Step 4

Refresh the humidity regulator in your humidor regularly after the first month. Fill the humidity regulator with distilled water once a month to ensure that the humidor is producing enough moisture.

Step 5

Refresh the humidity regulator with starter fluid, also called humidor juice, every fourth refill. The addition of humidor juice instead of distilled water during every fourth refill will help maintain the humidity and the effectiveness of the regulator.


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