How to Use Soap Solution With a Craftsman Pressure Washer

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Things You'll Need

  • Pressure washer detergent

  • Water

  • Garden hose


Adjust the flow of detergent through the siphon hose by turning the knob on the end of the siphon hose that attaches to the pressure washer. Turn the knob clockwise to decrease the soap solution concentration and counterclockwise to increase it. Cover bushes, plants and flowers near your cleaning project to protect them from detergents that may kill them. Clear water will run off a structure when all of the detergent is completely rinsed.


Use safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from soap solution. Windy conditions can cause detergents to fly into an operator’s eyes. Use only soap solutions that have been formulated for pressure washers. Other types of detergents and cleaners can stop up the wand, siphon hose and pressure washer tip, causing a malfunction.

Pressure washers apply soap solutions to deep-clean homes.
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A Craftsman pressure washer includes a siphon hose for the application of soap solutions in deep-cleaning homes, buildings and concrete. Soap solutions travel from the soap solution container through the siphon hose and into the pressure washer wand, where the solution mixes with water and disperses through the tip of the wand. Applying the detergent under low pressure and letting it sit on the wall or other item's surface for several minutes allows time for the soap to deep-clean mold, mildew and stains before rinsing the structure.


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Step 1

Follow the pressure washer detergent package's instructions for mixing with water. Soap solutions usually require dilution for use in a pressure washer.

Step 2

Push the small end of the filter siphon tube into the detergent container so it touches the bottom of the container.


Step 3

Hold the pressure washer wand in one hand and push the nozzle forward with the other hand. This sets the adjustable nozzle on a low-pressure mode for detergent application.

Step 4

Pull the brass quick-connect hose nozzle backward on the pressure washer. Push a garden hose into the opening and release the quick connector to fasten the hose in the pressure washer.


Step 5

Turn the garden hose water faucet counterclockwise to turn the water flow on.

Step 6

Press the “On/Off” toggle switch to the “On” position to turn the pressure washer on.

Step 7

Point the wand at the building, house or other surface you intend to clean, and spray the soap solution from the bottom upward.


Step 8

Turn the pressure washer to the “Off” position.

Step 9

Pull the detergent siphon hose out of the container.

Step 10

Follow the container instructions to determine how long the soap solution should sit on a surface to clean or remove stains before you rinse it.


Step 11

Turn the nozzle on the wand clockwise to stop the soap solution from flowing.

Step 12

Turn the pressure washer to the “On” position and rinse the soap solution from top to bottom on the structure.


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