How to Read an Itron Type C1SR Electric Meter

The Itron Centron-Type C1SR electric consumption meter is a state-of-the-art electric billing meter that transmits readings via radio waves. Many electric utilities are replacing older meters with meters of this type so their personnel can obtain usage data and determine monthly charges without visiting your premises. However, you can read the meter directly to monitor your usage and help determine if you are wasting or overusing electricity. The easy-to-read digital display indicates the number of kilowatt-hours used with three rotating, flashing dots on the display that indicate single watt-hours.

The digital display of the Itron Centron-Type C1SR meter is very easy to read and understand.

Step 1

Read the five digits displayed in the LCD panel in the center of your Type C1SR meter.

Step 2

Note that the number at the right represents one kilowatt-hour, or one thousand watt-hours. The number to its left represents one hundred kilowatt-hours, the one to the left of that (the middle number) one thousand kilowatt-hours and the number second to the left of the display represents ten thousand kilowatt-hours. The number at the very left of the display represents one hundred thousand kilowatt-hours.

Step 3

Write down the numbers that you see so you have them for future reference.

Step 4

Pay attention to the three indicator dots that flash on and off below the last two digits at the bottom right of the LCD panel. Note that every time each dot goes on or off it represents one watt-hour. If you see the dots flashing on and off quickly, turn off appliances that are running in your home and check the meter each time you turn one appliance off to see how much it reduces the speed of the flashing dots.

Step 5

Read your meter every week or so, especially during peak usage times, such as when you run your air conditioner. In addition, try to find out when your electric company reads your meter so that you can read it on the same day and be able to challenge any possible errors in your electric bill.

John DeMerceau

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