How to Melt Snow & Ice on My Gravel Driveway

Many surfaces are easy to clear of winter ice and snow because they smooth and flat – like sidewalks and paved roads. But a gravel driveway requires a different approach. It's difficult to shovel snow and scrape away ice without taking shovels full of gravel way with them. But removing snow and ice from your gravel driveway is important for safe walking and driving during the winter season. With a little patience and the right supplies, this can be done without damaging your driveway.

Remove snow and ice from gravel driveways in steps.

Step 1

Shovel or blow the snow within 1 inch of the gravel driveway. Set your snow blower to 1 inch above the ground or shovel to approximately that height above the gravel. This ensures that gravel doesn't get caught in your snow blower or tossed into your yard with the snow.

Step 2

Use a broom to sweep the thin layer of snow that remains on your driveway – if the snow is lightweight and dry. This will not work with wet, heavy snow, but drier snow can be swept to the side of the driveway without pushing gravel along with it.

Step 3

Sprinkle a 50/50 mixture of sand and rock salt on your gravel driveway. The sand helps to give your tires traction while the rock salt melts remaining snow and ice. Reapply sand and salt mixture as needed.

Mary Ylisela

Mary Ylisela is a former teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education and mathematics. She has been a writer since 1996, specializing in business, fitness and education. Prior to teaching, Ylisela worked as a certified fitness instructor and a small-business owner.