How to Get Superglue off of a Laminate Counter Top

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Superglue can be removed from many countertop surfaces with ease.
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Superglue is great for fixing many household items. However, if you are using superglue on your countertop and spill some, or some superglue accidentally leaks out, concern may set in. Fear not, superglue can be removed from many countertop surfaces with ease.


Removing Superglue from Laminate

Always try to remove superglue on laminate countertops as soon as it spills and before it has hardened, if possible. Begin by using nail polish remover with acetone in it. Read the label since some nail polish removers do not contain acetone. Do It Yourself suggests applying the acetone to a rag and allowing it to sit and soak on the laminate countertop for a few minutes. This will loosen the grip the superglue has on the laminate.


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Once the acetone has soaked in and softened the superglue, use a flat edged razor blade. Start at the edges since this is the best way to scrape off the glue. Try to keep the blade even with the surface to avoid accidentally scratching or cutting the laminate. Laminate is soft and can be cut easily.

Once the superglue has all been removed, there may be a stain where it had formerly been. To remove this stain, put more acetone onto the rag. Use the rag to scrub the surface until the stain is no longer visible. Wear gloves so the superglue and nail polish remover do not get on your hands.


Cleaning Superglue from Granite Surfaces

If you accidentally get superglue on granite, always try to clean it up as soon as it spills. Wet superglue is easier to remove from granite. If it gets smeared on the countertop and dries, it may make the granite look dull.

Mix some liquid dish soap in water and stir it around to create suds. How To Clean Stuff recommends soaking a paper towel or cloth towel in the sudsy water. Lay the wet towel over the entire superglue area for a few hours. You may need to re-wet the cloth or place plastic wrap over it to seal in the moisture. The moisture will help soften the glue and make it easier to remove. Once the glue has softened, use the paper towel or cloth to rub it off. Always wear gloves when cleaning superglue.


If some glue chunks remain, you may want to scrape it off carefully with a razor blade. If the superglue still remains on the granite, you can use either pure acetone or rubbing alcohol. Apply the acetone or rubbing alcohol to the cotton ball, not directly onto the granite. Rub it vigorously until the glue has been removed.

Precautions When Cleaning Granite

Be sure to test the acetone or rubbing alcohol on a small portion of the granite countertop before using to make sure it does not cause any damage or discoloration. Do not use acetone nail polish remover instead of pure acetone. Acetone nail polish remover may contain dyes or other chemicals that may not be suitable for granite. Pure acetone can be purchased at most hardware stores and paint stores.


Removing crazy glue from counters can be easier than anticipated with a few household products. So next time you spill superglue, you can breathe a sigh of relief.



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