How to Fix a Squeaky Shower Door

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Fix a Squeaky Shower Door

A squeaky shower door is annoying and can be a hazard. When the shower door squeaks at the hinge, it may mean the hinge is loose. More often it means the hinge is dirty, rusty or corroded so that the hinge does not move freely. If the hinge is not fixed, the door may not latch properly. If water leaks out of the door it makes a slippery puddle on the floor. Here are easy tips to fix that squeaky shower door.


Step 1

Run a finger along the hinge to be sure it is tight against the shower frame. If a screw is coming out or loose, use a screwdriver to tighten it carefully so that the hinge is secure. Do not over tighten as this can strip screw threads or warp the door hinge.

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Step 2

Open and close the door slowly to find where the door is squeaking. It is often around the pivot hinge at the top of the door. The weight of the door when it opens and closes causes strain on the upper hinge.


Step 3

Check the shower door frame. Most shower door frames are aluminum. Dirt, grit or sand can work into the space between the frame and the hinge. Take a toothbrush and gently clean out any grit or debris. Use a little liquid soap to clean around the hinges.


Step 4

Place a paper towel or rag at the bottom of the hinge to catch any drips before using a lubricant. Use WD-40 or silicon spray directly on the hinge. This displaces water and loosens rust or corrosion on steel pins. Open and close the door several times. If the squeak is less, open the door as much as possible and carefully spray where the hinge and pin connect. Open and close the door until the squeak stops. Mop up drips.


Step 5

Apply 3-in-One oil to the hinge. Work it carefully into the hinge from inside and outside the door. Wipe off any excess so that it does not cause a slick shower floor. Paraffin or beeswax can also be used on the clean hinge.


Step 6

Use liquid soap to clean brass hinges. Dilute a few drops of the liquid soap with warm water and work it into the hinges with a cloth or soft brush to loosen debris. Apply a drop or two of 3-in-One oil to the white nylon hinge washers.



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