How to Find Pegasus Faucet Parts

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Pegasus faucets is a Home Depot proprietary brand.
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Pegasus is one of Home Depot's proprietary brands, offering luxury kitchen, bathroom and shower/tub faucets in brass, bronze, chrome and nickel. Because this is a high-end brand with products that typically start in the $100-$200 range, it's more economical to find Pegasus faucet parts to repair an existing faucet rather than to buy a brand new replacement.

Because Home Depot owns Pegasus, it's the main outlet for purchasing its faucet parts. However, aside from the decorative faucet parts (called the faucet trim), most of the inner faucet parts are compatible with the same parts used in other brands. Discovering which parts can be used interchangeably can help you shop around for a great deal on Pegasus shower parts or kitchen and bathroom faucet parts.

Pegasus Faucet Parts Warranty

If you still have the original receipt or universal product code as a proof of purchase, know that the faucet's damage wasn't caused by misuse or installation error and aren't in a major rush to fix your faucet, you can write to Pegasus to take advantage of your Pegasus faucet's warranty. Under the warranty, replacement parts will be provided free of charge if needed.

Write to Pegasus Faucets, 2455 Paces Ferry Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30339. Include a copy of your proof of purchase, an explanation of the damage, your name, address and phone number. Writing to Pegasus doesn't guarantee that you'll receive a free replacement part, but it's worth the effort if you cannot otherwise find the parts you need. Consider contacting Pegasus about purchasing a replacement part if your warranty is deemed void.

Visit Hardware Store in Person

One of the best ways to ensure you end up buying the exact replacement part you need is to bring the old part with you to a hardware store. You don't necessarily have to go to Home Depot if there isn't one close to you or it isn't your preferred hardware store. Bring the part (typically a nut, cartridge or aerator) to the plumbing aisle and look for one that matches it in every detail. Don't hesitate to ask an employee for assistance.

Browse Online for Faucet Parts

Take advantage of the convenience of e-commerce by browsing online for faucet parts on sites like Amazon or eBay or via faucet-specific online stores. The best way to find the right part online is to look up the name of the part in conjunction with the faucet's model number. The model number can be found on the faucet's instruction sheet, but if that's long gone, try looking on the spout (underneath or along the back) or a tag attached to the water supply line under the sink.

Some online sellers will list compatible brands in the product's description, but these may prove inaccurate. Don't go by the seller's word alone unless you believe the seller is reputable. However, one of Home Depot's other proprietary faucet brands — Glacier Bay — typically uses the same parts as Pegasus. For example, if you cannot find a Pegasus faucet aerator but you can find an aerator labeled for Glacier Bay, chances are the Glacier Bay part will work in your Pegasus faucet.


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