Cost of Repairing a Roof Truss

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A roof truss is a frame, typically made of wood, to carry the weight of the roof's exterior surface. Generally, a roof truss is composed of triangular shapes for proper support of the roof. Repairing a roof truss often requires replacing or reinforcing wood in its construction. The cost of repairs depends on the amount of structural damage and materials required to repair it.

Obtaining Estimates

Repairing a roof truss is not a standard household repair. Contractors qualified to do the work often have different opinions on how the work should be done. Obtain several estimates from different qualified contractors to determine costs. Ask the contractors for references from individuals or businesses that used their services in the past. Ensure the contractor includes all costs and labor required for the job.


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Building Codes

Repairing the roof truss may require a permit from the local township or jurisdiction, depending on the type of repairs done. If a permit is required, the roof truss may also require inspection from a certified home inspector. Inspection is at the homeowner's expense. While obtaining estimates from contractors, ask each contractor what's required from the local jurisdiction to complete the work.



The cost of repairs will vary based on the supplies, time and labor required to make the repairs. Fixing roof structures generally starts at between $350 and $800. Repairing the truss may require going into the highest level of the interior of the home and performing other repairs on the exterior of the home.


Other Considerations

The damage to the truss may result from additional problems with the house, such as a leak. Because the truss is typically in the attic, contractors may need to remove and reinstall insulation. Roof repairs such as replacing shingles and repairing roof damage start at $6 per linear foot, as of the time of publication. Removing old insulation and installing new insulation can range from 25 cents to $1 per linear foot.



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