Reasons for a Blank Screen on a Honeywell Thermostat

The thermostat is the control mechanism that allows you to set and maintain your heating system to the temperature you want. It automatically turns the furnace on and off to regulate the heating and cooling in various areas of the home. Thermostats can develop problems that require investigation to remedy, such as discovering a blank screen on your Honeywell unit that indicates there may be a disruption with the power source.

About Thermostats

Thermostats come in a variety of different types and are made by several manufacturers. Thermostats are programmable or nonprogrammable, dial, digital, touchscreen, low voltage or line voltage. Honeywell manufactures high-quality thermostats for home heating and cooling systems, according to

Choosing a Thermostat

The type of thermostat that you choose will depend on how complicated you want your system to be. Sometimes, the simplest type with the fewest features is best for those are not technically savvy. Programmable types can be the most energy-efficient because they regulate the temperature of the home as needed at different times of the day.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostats for heating and cooling systems are generally trouble-free for long periods of time. Occasionally, problems develop that cause the unit to register error codes on the screen. These codes can be found in the owner's manual and will help you to determine what the problem is and possible solutions. Many thermostats will register error codes on the screen when environmental conditions become temporarily unstable. This is the case with some Honeywell models, and when this happens, resetting the unit will return it to normal operation, according to the Hannabery HVAC website.

Blank Screen

A blank screen on your Honeywell heating and cooling thermostat generally indicates a disruption in power to the unit. This problem in a Honeywell thermostat can be caused by low or dead batteries in the wall unit that powers the thermostat, according to the ESP Energy website. The batteries are located in the wall unit under the cover. Lift the cover carefully and replace the batteries. After putting the cover back into position, you may have to reset the unit for proper functioning. Other problems can cause a blank screen on the unit, including a fuse problem in the transformer and water in the unit. If changing the batteries and checking the house fuse to the thermostat does not correct the problem, consult with a HVAC contractor to investigate other possible causes for the blank screen.