How to Humidify With Pellet Stoves

You can save money and have the satisfaction of using a greener energy source with wood pellet stoves rather than traditional fuel sources to heat your home. Wood pellets burn more efficiently than wood logs. While wood pellet stoves can efficiently heat a room to a comfortable temperature, they also tend to dry the atmosphere. Several options exist for adding some humidity to the air if you want to balance out a wood pellet stove's cozy, but dry, heat.

Step 1

Buy a room humidifier. Depending on the size of the tank and the area they will humidify, these range in price from $20 to just under $200. Room humidifiers force humidity into the air with a fan, whereas other methods rely on more passive evaporation. Check the unit's filter and replace it when it becomes dirty, or else the humidifier will not function. Some higher-priced humidifiers also remove pet hair, dust and pollen from the air.

Step 2

Place a container of water on top of your stove. Some wood pellet stove manufacturers offer kettles that match the decor of their stoves, along with trivets to protect the surface of the stove from rust. You can also buy a steamer to place on top of the stove with some potpourri to let your favorite scent permeate the air. Unlike a humidifier, your steamer or kettle do not need to be disassembled for cleaning or filter replacement. Obviously, you can use your own pot or kettle rather than the wood stove manufacturer's kettle.

Step 3

Hand-wash some clothes and place them on a drying rack in front of your pellet stove. This option allows you to accomplish two tasks at once--clean some of your clothes, and let the evaporating moisture from the drying clothes permeate your room. However, like using a pot of water, this technique does not humidify as large of an area as quickly as a larger-sized humidifier.