Danby Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

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Danby air conditioners can be beneficial during those hot, muggy months. Ensuring that your air conditioner functions at the highest level and maximizes cooling involves regular troubleshooting and maintenance. Problems that can limit your unit's efficiency include dirty filters, freezing and circuit breaker problems. Before calling a service technician, a few troubleshooting procedures can save you money on repairs and maximize your unit's efficiency.


Danby AC Won't Turn On

Check your Danby air conditioner power cable if your unit is not powering on. Make sure your unit is connected to an electrical outlet.

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To ensure your power supply cord is functioning properly, locate the two buttons on the plug head. One button is labeled "TEST" and the other "RESET." When you press the TEST button, the RESET button will pop out. Then, press the RESET button, and the cord should be energized with power when you plug it into the outlet.


If your Danby air conditioning unit still won't turn on, check the circuit breakers inside the electrical panel, usually located in the basement, attic or utility room. If the circuit breakers are on, turn them off and then turn them back on to reset them.

Troubleshooting Poor Cooling Power

Turn your air conditioner off for five minutes, and then turn it back on if it is not cooling efficiently. If it is still not cooling well, grasp the sides of the front grille and pull it forward to access the filter. Remove the air filter. Attach a soft brush to your vacuum and brush the air filter.


If the air filter is really dirty, wash it in lukewarm water below 104 degrees Fahrenheit with a mild detergent. Rinse the filter in clean water and then let it dry. After drying, reinsert the filter in your air conditioner.

Rattling in Danby Air Conditioner

Inspect your unit for loose parts if your Danby air conditioner is noisy. If the cover panel is loose, tighten the screws. If parts are loose on other components, tighten them as well.


Once all parts are properly secured, look inside the grille for any debris. Sometimes, particles and objects may find their way into the AC unit and rattle around the fan housing area. Make sure to turn off the power to the AC unit before inspecting the fan.

Water Dripping From Danby AC

Place an algicide tablet in the base panel if your unit is producing a foul odor. Odors are generally caused by the formation of mold or mildew on wet surfaces. If your unit is wet, wipe off the water with a dry lint-free cloth.



Check your unit's installation if water is dripping inside. Your air conditioner may drip if it is not properly angled to allow water to drain outside. Refer to your manual for the proper installation steps for your particular Danby model because instructions vary with different models.

Frost Buildup in Danby Unit

Switch your AC to "FAN" operation if the unit has ice or frost buildup. Leave it in this mode until the ice melts. Frost may form when the outdoor temperature is approximately 65 F. If the ice does not melt, check your air filter and clean it if it is dirty.


Check Your Warranty

If all of your troubleshooting efforts have not resolved your Danby air conditioning unit problem, check your warranty before tinkering any further. If you're still within the warranty timeframe, Danby may send out a repair technician to resolve the issue. But if you've altered your Danby appliance too much, it may void your warranty.



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